Dream and Reality op. 8 (1996)

- a vision for violin and piano

The composer was a music editor at the Bartók Channel from 1994 where he could make morning programs whit the legendary media personality, György Czigány. Owing to this working relationship György Czigány invited the composer for a little portrait show in the Nest Artist Club in Budapest and asked to write a new piece for this occasion. As the wife of the composer, Klára Sztankay is an excellent piano player and his brother-in-law, Ferenc Balogh is an excellent violin player the composer decided to write a new piece for them. This composition is the Dream and Reality which was first presented by the wife and the brother-in-law in December 1996.

Duration: 6 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. - No. 9 (hangvarazsbt@gmail.com)