Invisible Footsteps op. 43 (2015)

This composition was commissioned by Rivka Golani and was written in June 2015 for an ensemble of five violas (featuring the principle viola in the center surrounded by the other four instruments). The piece is dedicated to the memory of the Blackfoot Indians and the inspiration that Rivka Golani recieves from the Blackfoot nation: “In memory of the Blackfoot Indians whose footsteps arent visible but they are everywhere around us…”. The motto can also mean that genuine beauty and purity can be destroyed but cannot be completely removed form the infinite structure of the World. The tools, moods and the music gestures of the piece are intended to prove this eternal existence.

First performance: Szombathely, Bartók Hall, 18th July 2015 (Rivka Golani and her students)

Duration: 9 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. - No. 51 (