Exclamations op. 16 (2002)

- for string orchestra and two marimbas

Commissioned by Warsaw Autumn with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Foundation, the work was composed in the spring of 2002.

Exclamations is the composer’s first orchestral work that does not feature a first and second violin and violas, etc., but rather, each string instrument player performs a different part. The commission involved a fixed number of musicians available, which constituted the two miniature orchestras on either side of the space, flanking the soloists (violin, viola and contrabass). The marimbas are located behind the string players on the opposite sides of the space. This arrangement afford the spatial movement of chords and musical motifs whose opening and closing arcs all lead to the soloists’ performance.

The work was first performed by the Aukso Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Marek Mos in the 

Lutosławski Room of the Polish Radio on 26 September 2002.

Duration: 12 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. (hangvarazsbt@gmail.com)