In the Splintered Field of the Setting Sun op. 60 (2020)

- for string orchestra

The work was written for the composer’s competition of the Anima Musicae String Orchestra in July and August 2020. The title comes from a poem (The nadir celebrated) by János Pilinszky. This title predicts the music message and mood of the composition. In the work get a place three glasses tuned (C, C , D), two iron puts and two iron bucket too. The piece won the first prize of the competition and two special prizes too: Prize of FUGA and Prize of Anima Musicae Orchestra.

First performance: Anima Musicae String Orchestra, conducted by László Tihanyi - Budapest, Marble Hall, 13.09.2020 (ArTRIUM Festival).

Duration: 11 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. - No. 69 (

János Pilinszky: The nadir celebrated (1972)

In the bloody heat of the sties 

who dares read?

And in the splintered field 

of the setting sun,

at earth's ebb 

and sky's flow, 

who dares set off - anywhere?


Who dares

stand still, eyes closed, 

at the nadir,

at the point where

there will always be a last flailing wave, 

a roof,

a beautiful face, or even

a single hand, nod, movement of the hand?


Who can

ease himself into sleep 

with a satisfied heart, 

into sleep that splashes beyond 

the bitterness of childhood 

and lifts the sea to his face

like a fistful of water?

Translated by Peter Sherwood