Itinerant Spaces op. 30 (2010)

- for string orchestra 

The piece was created for the Erkel Ferenc Chamber Orchestra celebrating its 25th anniversary, at the request of the ensemble. Special thanks to György Fazekas, the viola player who was the member of the ensemble at the time, who encouraged the composer to finish the piece even when it seemed hopeless - as far as the presentation was concerned. The first rehearsal also took place without the composition’s end written down - it was lived only in the composer's head. And although the composer learned conducting during her years at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Itinerant Spaces was the first composition whose première was conducted by the composer herself. Bartók Rádió made an audio recording of the premiere.

In Itinerant Spaces, the author continues to experiment with the spatial movement of musical material; as the composer did it in her earlier pieces Exclamations (2002), Les Fleurs du vents (2006), Figures in a landscape (2010).

The placement of the 16 members of the orchestra is special: in the three deteminate shafts (on the left side, in the middle and on the right side) can found one-one violin, viola and violoncello player - in the middle there is the only one contrabass player as an axis point of the space. And as a bridge, this shafts are connected by three violins.

The première of the Itinerant Spaces was presented in Budapest, Óbudai Társaskör, on 28 April 2010, by the Erkel Ferenc Chamber Orchestra of course. 

Duration: 12 minutes