Dream in the Dream op. 49 (2017)

- for solo flute

On the contrary, with the solo flute piece also written in 2017 too, a few months later, in which the influence of several composers (Anders Hillborg, Lepo Sumera) appears, the Dream in the Dream is a tribune to only one composer, the Georgian Giya Kancheli, whose compositions the author has been listening to regularly since the mid-1990s and whose musical world is like a dream. The composer’s intention was to depict this dreamlike world, which moves on the border between the reality and the dream.  

The dedication of the work, as in the case of several other solo flute pieces by the author, is addressed to Gergely Matuz.

First presentation: Budapest, FSZEK, Five Larks Salon, on 20 March 2017 (Gergely Matuz).

Duration: 7 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. - No. 57 (hangvarazsbt@gmail.com)