Repetitive op. 46 (2015)

Repetitive (Re-petit-ív) op. 46 (2015)

- for solo flute

The excellent flute player, Gergely Matuz, who looking always for challenges asked the composer for a very difficult piece in which he can use the special play technic, the circular breathing during 30 minutes. The composer refused the request saying it would be an etude and nothing more. But a very shorter piece was born with the title; Repetitive (In Hungarian Re-petit-ív what is a pun: ív = arc, petit=little /In French/).

The dedication of the composition is addressed to Gergely Matuz of course. He was the only performer in the first half of the 21st century in Hungary who knew the circular breathing with staccato, in infinite length.

First presentation: Budapest, Nest Artist’s Club, on 9 December 2015 (Gergely Matuz)

Duration: 4 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. - No. 54 (