Silver-Winged Butterflies op. 12 (1999)

- sound fantasy based on a poem by Domonkos Bánkövi for flute, violoncello and electroacoustics

The curiously titled Silver-Winged Butterflies was inspired by an atmospheric poem by Domonkos Bánkövi (cousin of the composer). The music is complex in that it employs the special techniques of the flute and the cello, as well as the rich means offered by electroacoustics. Pre-recorded sounds intermingle with the carefully-written music texture of the  score. At two points in the piece electroacoustics meets the performers directly in the they themselves bring to life the electronics devices. 

The piece was selected among the “Recommended Works” at the Tribune Internationale des Compositeurs in 2000 (Amsterdam), and in the same year it received the Istvánffy Benedek Award.

The work was first performed by István Matuz and Balázs Kántor in studio 6 on 5 May 1999. Sound engineer: István Horváth.

Duration: 10 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. No. 13 (

Electroacoustics sound material (free): please make the contact the publisher.


Silver-Winged Butterflies

I am but a weak sprout

of an eternally blooming garden,

for a never-ending moment,

of reviving nature.


An ugly larva dwells within me

I cannot escape it any more.

How nice it would be 

to fly off among silver-winged butterflies…


Fly away from this world,

break off, like the slowly 

sinking leaf from a tree.


Leave this place behind forever,

to a place where always, everything

speaks of holy happiness.

Domonkos Bánkövi