Two Songs to Pushkin's Poems op. 1 (1987)

- for soprano and piano (In Hungarian)

Written as an exam composition at the Academy of Music. First performers: Rózsa Kozma, Péter Szlovencsák, Liszt Academy, Solti (Small) Hall, October 1987.

First public presentation: Béla Bartók Memorial House, 20. 11. 2013. (Erzsébet Fáklya - soprano, Balázs Fülei - piano)

Duration: 6 minutes

Publisher: Hangvarázs Bt. - No. 1 (

The second poem used in the piece:

II. The rose

Where is our rose, friends? 

Tell if ye may!

Faded the rose, friends,

The Dawn-child of Day.

Ah, do not say,

Such is life’s fleetness!

No, rather say,

I mourn thee, rose, - farewell!

Now to the lily-bell

Flit we away. (Translated by Thomas Budd Shaw)